Work from home ergonomics

This is a webinar on how to work from home in the lockdown and avoid low back pain. I discuss some misconceptions about low back pain. Besides, I have shared some tips on how to set up an ergonomic office space at home.


00:00 Intro

02:07​ Basic Anatomy

03:40 Why do people get back pain?

05:56​ Red flags not to be ignored

08:02 What does it mean to have degenerated disc?

11:14 Example of how Acute back pain is treated 15:33 How to prevent back pain?

20:02 How to set up a workplace at home?

25:20 Take micro-breaks

27:49 How to lift heavy objects?

Video Journal Club – AIS Classifications

Dr Kshitij Chaudhary is a consultant spine surgeon at the PD Hinduja Hospital, Mahim, Mumbai.

In this video he discusses two of classic papers on Adolescent idiopathic scoliosis.

King, H. A., Moe, J. H., Bradford, D. S. & Winter, R. B. The selection of fusion levels in thoracic idiopathic scoliosis. The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery: American Volume 65, 1302 1313 (1983)

Lenke, L. G. et al. Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis: A New Classification to Determine Extent of Spinal Arthrodesis. JBJS Am 83, 1169–1181 (2001).

Interview with Dr John Lonstein

This interview was part of the 2021 virtual annual conference of the Association of Spine Surgeons of India.

In this interview, I talk to one of the legends of spinal deformity surgery, Dr. John Lonstein from the famous Twin Cities Spine Center, Minneapolis, and Gillette Children’s hospital, Saint Paul, USA.

Robert Winter – Imagine Lecture

I accidentally came across this YouTube video the other day, researching the history of scoliosis surgery. This is a talk given by the famous Dr. Robert Winter. It is a rare video of Dr Winter speaking as he shares his experience of learning scoliosis surgery over several decades. The IMAGINE lecture series was started in honor of his son Dr David Winter, who passed away of cancer a year before he gave this talk.

Dr. Winter describes his life journey and the incredible experience he has had learning from his teachers and patients alike. And I am proud to say that I was one of his students in Minneapolis.

Morality in Neurosurgery – Edward Benzel

Do the right thing! – By Edward Benzel

Amazing podcast from AANS. Dr Edward Benzel talks about ethics and morality in neurosurgery, specifically the issue of spinal fusions for low back pain. Highly recommended! All young trainees should listen and emulate!

Video presentation by Dr Edward Benzel on the same topic.

Anterior approaches to the spine – Booklet

Anterior Approaches to the Spine

Sharing the booklet on anterior approaches to the spine created for the Live Procine and Cadaveric Workshop conducted on 16th Feb 2020 as a part of Asia Pacific Spine Society’s live surgery course held in Mumbai.

The images in the document are taken from various textbooks and articles and I do not own copyright on these images. They are selected here in this booklet for their quality and clarity.

I would recommend the following books for further reading if you do like the images in this booklet.

Atlas of Spine Operations by Robert Winter

Surgical Anatomy and Techniques to the Spine by Daniel Kim

Spine Surgery: Tricks of the Trade

Atlas of Spinal Operations by Rudolf Bauer

How to measure Cobb angle on Xray Films using your iPhone

Step 1: Identify and mark the end vertebrae

Step 2: Open Measure App on Iphone.

Step 3: There are two options on the bottom screen. “Measure” and “Level”. Choose “Level”. This brings up the inclinometer.

Step 4: Place the iPhone’s edge along the line drawn on the lower end vertebra.

Step 5: Touch the iPhone’s screen somewhere in the middle. The degrees recalibrate to Zero.

Step 6: Now move the iPhone’s edge to the line drawn for the upper-end vertebra.

Step 7: The reading on the iPhone will give you the Cobb angle.