Anterior odontoid screw AAOS Video

Excellent surgical video of anterior odontoid screw fixation published by the AAOS Indications for an anterior odontoid screw fixation are: 1. Acute Type 2 fracture with favorable​ fracture anatomy 2. Shallow Type 3 fracture with an intact C2 vertebral body 4. Intact Transverse ligament 5. A young​ patient with good bone stock The video is […]

Vertebral artery injury in CVJ surgery

This is a talk on vertebral artery injury and how to tackle it if it happens during craniovertebral surgery. In brief, the vertebral artery can be injured in two locations: Extraosseous injury (open space injury): The vertebral artery (VA) is vulnerable to injury above the C1 posterior arch and lateral to the atlantoaxial joints. Sometimes, […]

Chiari Malformation (Webinar)

Dr. Robert Bohinski, a neurosurgeon with Mayfield Chiari Center, explains the causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of Chiari malformation type 1. This patient webinar originally aired January 18, 2014. For further information regarding Chiari I Malformation and for info regarding upcoming webinars, please visit: This is a highly instructive and comprehensive talk, especially for orthopedic spine […]